We wanted to offer a better place for musicians to gather, share ideas and creatively grow! Bare Sounds is more than a shop...it's a community.

In late 2014 the vision, born from local musician and instructor T.J. Barends, was finally ready to swing open the doors! Nestled in charming downtown Ponchatoula, Louisiana, Bare Sounds is open and offering the best spot for EVERYTHING MUSICAL! The quaint shop is much larger than it looks; offering a variety of musical instruments and equipment for retail in the front, private classrooms for lessons and a fully-equipped recording studio in the back. Come stop in and say "Hello!" T.J. and Chelsea are happy to show you around. You're sure to make some new friends!

Regular Business Hours: Tuesday - Friday 2PM-6pm and Saturday 10am-2pm

The Vision

"One of the greatest things we can do as artists is come together and welcome one another. Whether we agree or not on musical taste, we will always agree that the World needs music." - T.J. Barends

TJ introT.J. Barends

   "When I was a kid I remember riding around in my dad’s little blue pick-up listening and learning new melodies that grabbed something inside me and didn’t let go. I loved music all my life growing up, but never understood the power of it. Then it seemed like everything started to “click”. 

I started singing with everything I did. I started playing guitar when I was 14 and quickly developed a passion for songwriting and recording. I couldn’t wait to explore whatever ideas I had. 

I soon began recording. I just loved being able to give the gift of music, even if I wasn't so great at it yet. I had just started playing guitar, but I couldn’t put it down. It was all I did.

Not long after, I found a new passion in teaching. I wanted to bring the joy and challenge of music to others. I found a job at a local music store and eventually went on the road as a “traveling guitar teacher.” I found wonderful families who welcomed me into their homes. I’ve always had a relentless want to share, teach, and create music with others.

After all this time being mobile, through the support of my wife, my family and my clients, I have finally found my own home in Bare Sounds. It’s been amazing to have the opportunity to try to bring our local music scene together. Ponchatoula’s newest music shop will provide a place for musicians to create and learn together."

Chelsea introChelsea Barends

Chelsea is a staff accountant at I.T.L. Accounting and Tax Service in Ponchatoula, LA. She's the true "better half" to T.J.

Though she isn't quite the musician her husband is, she understands the struggle and determination of being a musician. She's our financial mastermind and makes it possible for all of us to continue serving the community with the gift of music!

Music Lessons

At Bare Sounds Music we offer a variety of private and group lessons including: guitar, piano, voice, drums, bass, ukulele ...and consistently adding more variety! Our lesson rooms offer the perfect setting for beginner lessons, advanced lessons and everything in between!

Lessons start at only $80 per month!


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